Not everybody does it. That’s because it’s hard, it can be very time-consuming and in many cases, you are working off of a virtually completely destroyed sample. And it always involves at least some guesswork and in many situations, a customer is in a hurry for a replacement part.

However, we do it and we love it. Mainly because we like to help our customers and it is satisfying to get a machine /production line/operation back up and running. However, the challenge of figuring out how something was made or how to make something a little better or quicker or more economical, or all three, is also very rewarding.

Our reverse engineering is mainly driven by our people and their knowledge and experience combined with continuous learning, training, exploring and networking.

We also have invested in a Faro Arm scan arm from Faro Technologies that adds cutting-edge technology to our metrology department for use in daily inspection and reverse engineering. The portability of the Faro Arm lends an even stronger capability to our reverse engineering abilities as we are able to do part or gearbox inspection or identification onsite at a customer’s location. Call us for more details.