Gear Headquarters is a full-service gear manufacturer, machine shop and gear reducer repair shop. We take pride in our quality workmanship, reverse engineering capabilities and our rush-breakdown services.

Continued Growth

As we continue to grow and provide competitively priced products and services to our customers across the USA, we continue to maintain a focus on employee development as well as remaining committed to continuous improvement in our internal processes and investment in our machine and engineering technology.

About Us

Started in 1900 as Crago Gear & Machine Works, Gear Headquarters was purchased by Headco Industries and renamed in 1979. Gear Headquarters is located in Kansas City, Kansas and has provided general machining and gear manufacturing services to customers in a wide-range of industries such as steel, mining, tire, food processing, chemical, power generation, agriculture, pharmaceutical, railroad and gas and oil.
Gear Headquarters is a Job-Shop machine and gear shop that specializes in Made-To-Order gears and machined products made from prints, sketches or samples. We also specialize in gear reducer repair, having experience with gearboxes from a few pounds to over 20,000 lbs. Gear Headquarters also has many Original Equipment Manufacturer customers and can handle orders with quantities of 1 or 2 pieces up to small production-run type orders.

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Our Capacities

TypePitch Diameter (PD) RangeDiametral Pitch (DP) Range
Spur Gears1″ PD to 120″ PD24 DP to 1 DP
Helical Gears1″ PD to 80″ PD24 DP to 1 DP
Bevel Gears1″ PD to 48″ PD24 DP to 1 DP
Herringbone Gears1″ PD to 60″ PD16 DP to 1.25 DP
Worm Gears1″ PD to 72″ PD48 DP to 2.5 DP
Internal GearsUp to 36″ PD48 DP to 3 DP

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